When most people decide to make a move or purchase a home, they first start looking at other houses to see what they like. However, the most successful purchase in an educated purchase requires a plan of action that can effectively take you through the buying process, one step at a time.


     The job of finding a home that meets all your needs and wants can be difficult if you don't have all the available resources at hand or the time required to make a complete use of them.


     I specialize in helping buyers find the homes they're looking for, and one benefit of using my services is that I hear about listings right when they come on the market - in fact, often even before they're on the market. And that's just the first step.


Here is the system I use to ensure that your decision is a good one:


*Realtor / Buyer Interview

     Why would you trust your largest investment to someone you just met or know nothing about?


     Here's why:


          I will educate you about the Buyer Agency and reputation, outlining my fiduciary responsibilities to you, which include: complete Disclosure, Loyalty, Confidentiality, Obedience and Accountability.


*Consumer Shopping Trip


     I will save you time by regularly searching the market for an affordable home that meets your criteria.


*Contract Hiring Commitment


     You now are able to hire me with the confidence that I am knowledgeable, have a high standard of integrity, and experienced!


*Finding the Right Property

     This includes a daily review of our MLS "Hot sheet", Internet searches, previewing properties to weed out the ones you would not be interested in, and contacting For Sale By Owners if the property fits your needs! I will view homes with you and analyze their condition, potential problems, or compatibility to your criteria.


     I will utilize all real estate sources to find properties of interest. There are many different ways that you might find out about a given listing, for instance, from:



     *Local Real Estate Magazine

     *Real Estate TV Channel

     *Another Agent's Marketing Materials

          -"For Sale" sign

          -Open House Announcement/Flyer/Ad

     *"For Sale By Owner" sign

     *A Friend or Relative


     I just want to emphasize that I can help you buy a home from any of these sources. Even more importantly, I will represent your best interest and effectively negotiate the best possible price and terms for you.


     If you see a sign, an open house, or even hear about a property that interests you, please contact me first and I'll provide you with detailed information about it, make all the necessary arrangements for viewing it, and then view it with you to ensure that you don't in any way compromise your negotiating position.


*Finding The Right Loan


     I will help you explore your financing options. If required, refer you to some excellent mortgage professionals so you can make the best possible mortgage decision. I will also provide a written estimate of cost to purchase the home you are considering.


     Although pre-approvals are good and very much expected in today's market, we do like to commit to a specific lender until we know the product you are buying. Many builders use their own lenders, which can be very cost-efficient for you. There are some loans which are income driven. Some are determined by the location of the house, so we like to match the loan with the property!



*Making An Offer

     This is where negotiation skills and strategy really count! When you obtain representation, you want someone who will stand firm on important issues, and get the best terms possible! I will provide consultation in relation to your written offer to purchase a home with all terms approved by you. I will negotiate the best possible price and terms for you, take care of all the documentation details, and keep you fully informed about all activities that lead to the transaction closing.



     After a contract is agreed upon, there is a 10-day window to check out the product and ensure that it meets your requirements. We have on-site for all of these, and hand carry you through them!


     I will assist you, if necessary, in finding any home-related services you need, including home inspections, termite companies, and HVAC companies. I will physically meet appraisers and any inspectors required for closing the loan.


    We try hard to make this event as smooth as possible. We use experience Real Estate Attorneys who can look ahead at potential problems with loan package, title work and survey issues. We also strive to go over all monies an charges with you ahead of the actual closing date. I will ensure that all contract requirements have been met prior to closing. This includes any necessary or negotiated repairs or other conditions.